The 9th Young Scientist Workshop on Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling (TCCM) will be a satellite activity of ESPA dedicated to young researchers who wish to present their scientific work at an International Congress. The deadline for abstract submission and registration is April 30th.

All accepted abstracts from the Young Scientist Workshop on TCCM will be presented as posters in the first poster session of the 12th Congress on Electronic Structure Principles and Applications (ESPA-2022), taking place on June 21st. Around 20 of these abstracts will be selected for an oral presentation at the Young Scientist workshop on TCCM on June 20th. Priority will be given to PhD students.

The registration fee for the Young Scientist Workshop on TCCM is 100 € and includes attendance to all presentations taking place on June 20th and attendance and poster communication on the poster session of June 21st at ESPA-2022. Please note that ESPA registration fee does not include access to the workshop on June 20th.

Attendance to the workshop is open not only to young scientist, but also to senior researchers. PhD supervisors are specially encourage to participate in the workshop.

Registration & Abtract Submission for the Young Scientist Workshop on TCCM


For registration, send an e-mail to: (deadline: April 30th) where you should include:

  • Your abstract/s
  • Bank transfer receipt. Registration proceeds through Bank transfer (registration fee: 100 €) to the APQTC (Association to promote Theoretical and Computational Chemistry) to/with the following information:
  1. Account number: ES8600496704512510011140
  2. Bank: Santander
  3. Account holder: APQTC
  4. Concept/Description: Name_Surname_YSWorkshop_TCCM
  • In the body of your e-mail, please include the following information:
  1. Name, Family Name
  2. Institution
  3. Institution Address/Country
  4. Nationality
  5. Do you apply to be considered for an oral presentation? Yes/No
  6. Indicate your current position: Master Student, PhD student, Dr, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Full Professor…
  7. If you are presented an abstract: if you are a PhD, please, indicate the date/year when you started your PhD. If you already got your PhD, please indicate the date you obtained your PhD.


The deadline to submit your abstract and the proof of payment will be April 30th, 2022.